Communication, Relationships and Good Practices in Community
Forming Communities


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Relationship and communication are basic to living together in any condition of existence. In the last 40 years the eco-spiritual community of Damanhur has grown to become a complex model for an alternative, evolutionary society. The focus is to review all aspects of daily life so that it's possible to live in line with the principles and ideals inspiring the community - to build a better world.
Today the lives of women and men, children and elders, families and individuals living in Damanhur, are focused on believing in the positive values of the human being and for realizing them through the opportunity that community life offers based on solidarity, art, communication and the desire to build and operate for its own and others evolution.

Not all the problems are solved yet of course but each person works personally and jointly to try to make their own and other people's lives as pleasant and as interesting as possible so as to create a climate of trust and closeness that is nourishing for the soul.

The basic elements for creating a harmonious, efficient and effective network of relationships within a cohesive group results in practical terms of a good life together.

In this two days workshop you will learn how to move:

From group, to community: group theory and critical numbers
From theory to practice: indispensable elements for the creation of a community From group to community: group theory and critical numbers.

From theory to practice: indispensable elements for the creation of a community.

How to create potential for development and a solid economy at community and individual level.

Spiritual growth is one of the main goals of the community.

This experiential workshop is also a presentation and introduction to the School for Forming Communities according to Damanhurian philosophy and how to access it for people who may be interested.


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